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More about Le Peep Florida

Le Peep is a wonderful world full of ample portions and a plethora of tastes. Invigoratingly fresh, simple, and elegant. We do it everything with smiles and positive mindsets in a nice, welcoming environment. Featuring a cookbook-style menu, we're proud of our inventive and unique culinary idea! Line after line of tantalizing options, all freshly prepared on-site with the finest ingredients, await you.

Le Peep values freshness and quality, and we are proud of the fact that all of our food is prepared daily. We don't do this to stand out, we do it to thrive!


Since our beginnings in Aspen, Colorado, this mission statement has guided our 45-year existence. Since then, Le Peep has grown to include the Denver metro region before going nationwide. While our organization has evolved significantly over the last two decades, our dedication to outstanding cuisine and exceptional service has not.

We'd like to welcome you to be a part of our history and taste what makes us great!

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